Infernales Creationis, Et Bellum Aciei Diabolica

by Scorge

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Garnak: all Instruments and Vocals


released November 7, 2015

"Thanks to my girlfriend Lilith, who supported me throughout the album creation process."



all rights reserved


Everblack Records São Paulo, Brazil

One man Brazilian Black Metal record label

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Track Name: That It Destruction: Hatred Spread
We fight and end up
The end is close
Kiss the feet of satan
With a hail tearing their heads
Kill and die be gloomy
At war
Infernal machine guns and rifles
Throwing blasphemies
Cannons loaded with bones of angels
The pain here is to want to feel
Kill and kill and die for each other
In war human
Holy is evil
The venerated blasphemy
Death to all
Total destruction
Damn war
Satan reigns
Ah, death
Ah, pain
Said hellish cries out for a blood calese
Track Name: Diabolic Dominate: Persecution and Death
End of the war
Here we are
Corpses stacked
And high fire burning
In the mountains to see
Crucifying the remaining survivors
In a fire started ritual
Burning fever and leaves the meat
On behalf of great Lord of Hell
We celebrate with the torture and killing
Hail hail
Where are the stakes?
And the irons to mark
Total annihilation
We shall cook the meat to eat together
The taste of revenge prevail
Where is the macabre holy order
Come from above the hellish father
Feast to the sound of screams deadly
Track Name: Hell Stands: Punishment of Christians
In a free world
Here and now
The Holocaust vision
Soon breeze that stinks of blood
Made horror
And laments rain
Here are the wounded
We eat them
Or lift them here
We'll save hand
Not flee
In a full carrion coming
Clemency to the great father of darkness
Invoke your diode 7 to a pact trace
Hunting more victims to sacrifice
The world is ours
And God's visit is not welcome
And his archangels kneel at my feet
Pray not to die in my pandemonium
Scenario war
Fluent killing as rivers of blood
Eyes in the dark looking for
Living primitively
On the cursed land
Track Name: Pandemonium Part I: The Entrance Gate of Bones
Pandemonium up here
Devil's dance
It is the horror horde '
Damn alliance of diabolical power
We call hell
For danse macabre
This cold night
Blessed by chaos
Ejaculate in the ass of believers
Violence and torment
Slaves and more slaves serve us
We created a hell on earth
Post apocalyptic scenario
Jesus abandoned
Do not look backwards
Now enjoy this curse without fear
The remaining won't die
Agonized being our slaves
Hail hail
Here we are
Full field
Track Name: Pandemonium Part II: Execution of Benefactors
Formation of the diabolic alliance
Sitting on the throne only the strongest
Delight of the power that has
In hell here generated
Knives on the necks of the weakest
Visitors come here to die
I am the youngest commander
Hell we create
Here all the infernal soldiers
Ready to march against Christians
Christ is nothing
His followers from misery
Annihilates chaos and complete all the total being
Devils with burning eyes eat the four angels
Pleasure is infinite in this evil world
Dominant we are kings of Newfoundland
New era begins for all of us
Hail satan